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การทำงานใน warehouse

Our Completed Project


"Durable and Reliable Storage Solutions With SVB-Racking Pallet Racks"

SVB Racking Proposal for Thai-Denmark


Thai Denmark

"Experience Unmatched Durability With Thai Denmark Pallet Racks"

Drive-in Racking over 3,000 Location

1,100 Kgs/Pallet

Laris Global Project - DriveIn


Laris Global

The Projects of Laris Global

Drive-in Racking over 7,500 Locations

600 Kgs/Pallet

SVB-Racking at Laris
SVB Racking at CRC
SVB-Racking at CRC


CRC-Central Retail

Central Retail is a leading retail company in Thailand that operates various businesses, such as department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and e-commerce platforms. 

CAS Project by SVB-Racking


CAS Paper Mill

CAS Paper Mill is a company that produces high-quality paper products for various industries and sectors.

CAS Paper Mill offers a wide range of paper products, such as printing paper, packaging paper, specialty paper, and tissue paper.

SVB-Racking at CAS Paper
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